A 10-year journey

James Nimmo has long had a passion for fitness and nutrition. It all started when, 10 years ago, he reached a point where he was fed up with being the “skinny guy” with a less than ideal diet. To add to this, James never had any muscle tone and couldn’t work out why this was the case.

The aha! moment

At the age of 29 years old he was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome and that’s when everything started to make sense. James had struggled to gain muscle all of this life because his body was producing little to no testosterone. This kicked off his decision to heavily invest his time to learn about health and exercise and to take control of his life. James changed the way he lived and the way he treated his body by eating real, nutritious whole foods and by sticking to a fitness plan.


Competition mode

In 2015 he competed in his first bodybuilding men's physique competition. He set a goal for himself to compete again the following year so in 2016 he stepped on the stage for the first time, which was one of his proudest moments. For James it was never about winning or placing because pushing himself mentally and physically was the real reward.


For the next three years James built his body further, maintaining his fitness and wellbeing. Then in 2019 James stepped onto the stage for the second time at the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) competition in the Men’s Fitness segment. He ended up winning the best dressed category. 

A passion, evolved

Competing again made James realise his passion for fitness had evolved. James decided he wanted to help others achieve their health and fitness goals, so he studied at MAX Fitness College and completed an Advanced Double Diploma in Business and Fitness allowing him to practice as a personal trainer.


Fast forward to the present 

As your health and exercise professional, James will guide, motivate and help you to stay accountable to yourself and to transform how you view your own health and wellbeing. He is fiercely passionate about setting achievable goals with you to help you to feel better, look better or to even simply become healthy again.